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  That day I was walking along the beach at Zandvoort;

It was fairly cloudy, but I could still see

several seagulls in the sky.
    As I walked I thought about myself and asked a funny
      question of God. I asked, Well just where do I stand
        in the great scheme of things, how do I rate?


Just then the sky opened up and
a beam of sun shone squarely on a seagull above me
and towards the sea, about 120 feet away.

The gull was white but as the sun’s ray
        fell forcefully on his chest a massive,
golden array of
  rippled muscles appeared. 


As his wings gracefully moved, the golden array
continued to shine brightly in the newly
forming blue sky; and with great
freedom and command of his

world, he flew off.

And I thought to myself; so that’s it,
   I’m no better than a lowly gull.

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